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Ultimate Paint Restorer

Ultimate Paint Restorer

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Car Paint Scratch Repair: 

Our ultimate repair kit is specially formulated for scratches all over the car body. You can safely use it on your car's scratches to restore it to its original luster!

Say Goodbye To Scratches On Your Car:

With the included sponge pad, our specially formulated compound allows you to easily wipe away years of light to moderate wear and tear from the overall look of your vehicle!

Ultimate Paint Storer:

This scratch agent does not distinguish the color of the vehicle, and can repair ordinary branch scratches, mild scratches, sun lines, nail lines, flying paint and more!


Premium Chemicals:

Professional grade, but easy enough for anyone to use! We use only the absolute best chemicals and ensure there are no unnecessary color dyes or scents!


Safe For All Painting Colors:

No Damage To The Car Surface Paint-Safely remove light scratches , sun spots, Texturing, blemishes to renew your car's surface, remove car scratches, Full color compatibility, restore car paint luster.


Products include: Car Paint Restoration

Product weight: 120g

Product color: Blue

Applicable models: Universal

The Cleaning Spree includes: High density sponge, Microfiber wipes, Fish scale absorbent wipes

Product weight: 50g

Product color: Random Color

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